29th May 2002

Dearest Evangelist Jim Eilers,

It is a joy for me to write you this letter and share many wonderful things  that happened during and after your international city miracle crusade in  Ndola from 15th – 19th May 2002. This was a very dynamic crusade in the history of Ndola and Zambia.

I believe you are a man sent by God to our nation to bring the message of hope, deliverance and to save many thousands into the kingdom of God. Sowing the seeds of the gospel is resulting into a great harvest of souls. This calls for wise people like you.

To start with I have never seen a crusade in our nation, which starts with a bang on the first night of the crusade. To see cripples walk on the first day made the faith of many thousands of people to rise. The whole city was shaken. There was joy coupled with the fear of the Lord. People saw with their own eyes the power of God at work like the bible days.

On the first night of the crusade there was a crowd of 60 000 people and 40 000 gave their lives to Jesus. On the second night there were 75 000 people and 50 000 received Jesus as their Lord and savior. The third night of the crusade attracted 80 000 people with 65 000 salvations. The last two nights
of the crusade were extraordinary. We have never had gatherings like this before. Crowds of 90 000 and 100 000 for Saturday and Sunday respectively are a miracle. I was even reminded of big crowds that used to follow Jesus when He was here on earth as a human being for the wonderful miracles He was
performing. The last 2 nights had 120 000 salvations altogether. For five nights there was an attendance of 390 000 people with the total salvations of 270 000. Ndola will never and is never the same. The memories are still fresh and greater revival is at work in the local churches.

Evangelist Jim Eilers, a number of crusades we have seen here in Zambia by other Evangelists are mostly characterized with the word only with very few miracles. There has never been a crusade with such a huge number of miracles like your crusade in Ndola. We just had to stop people from coming to the stage to testify because of time. Let me just mention a few of the miracles: A woman who was crippled for 20 years and the doctors told her that her knee caps were rotten and will never walk in her life time was touched by the power of God and she walked without any support. She threw way the clutches (sticks) and walked freely; a man was crippled for ten years and the doctors said he will never walk and threatened to cut his right foot, was healed when you prayed. He threw away the clutches and walked freely.  A woman with very big tumors in the uterus with protruding fibroids was healed instantly. The tumors and fibroids disappeared when you prayed. She had this problem for over twenty years; a baby which could not seat for one year 7 months was able to sit on the platform after prayer; a blind man was brought to the crusade by the wife and God restored his sight when you prayed a prayer of faith; another young boy who was blind was brought by his brother and was healed. His sight was restored; a man with swollen private parts was healed instantly and the swollen parts went back to normal; many deaf people received their healing; People brought on stretchers went back home freely; T.B. patients were healed; another woman with feet problems for over five years which made her to be crippled was healed and for the first time she was able to wear shoes; curses upon people’s lives were broken and they were set free. What a crusade, what an explosion. Heaven was populated, hell plundered, to God be all the glory.

Brother Jim, there has never been a crusade in the city of Ndola highly attended like yours. The buses and trucks that were put in place to transport people to the crusade grounds and back to their compounds was something very unique. This has never happened in our nation before. You really have a passion for souls. God bless you mightily. On the first night of the crusade we had hired 15 buses, which made a total of 24 round trips to the crusade grounds and back. On the second night there were 60 round trips, the forth night had 94 round trips and on the last night of the crusade the buses and trucks made 115 round trips. This was a very expensive venture, which helped thousands and thousands of people to come to the crusade and accept Jesus as their Lord and savior. Ndola is a very big city. Most of the Evangelists who come to Ndola just touch a small segment of Ndola. Your crusade affected the whole city. To God be all the glory.

The distribution of 75 000 books (The Gospel of John) was another booster for the crusade. Although these books could not go round for everybody, those with Bibles had to give chance to those without to get a copy each. The demand was very high with an attendance of over 300 000 people. A number
of converts are now reading the gospel of John in their homes. Praise the Lord. Brother Jim, every crusade I have had with you here in Zambia, people say it is always the best. I believe this is because you are a man who believes in excellence.

Brother Jim, while in Ndola during your crusade, I had four Church Elders come up to me to share something with me so that I can tell you. They said in 1999 when they were praying at their church, God gave them a word of prophecy that there will come an Evangelist from America to Zambia who will
impact the whole nation with the gospel with many signs and wonders following to bring revival to the whole nation of zambia. In 2000, there came an Evangelist to Ndola by the name of Blants. They asked the Lord whether he was the man but God said I also use Evangelist Blants but he is not the one I promised. Now on the second day of the crusade around 10:00 hrs during the believers conference (17th May 2002) God spoke to the same Church Elders that Evangelist Jim Eilers is the man I promised to you in 1999. they told me to tell you for your encouragement.

There is another big miracle crusade in the city of Ndola as a result of your miracle crusade. Last year during the run up to Presidential and Parliamentary Elections the Pastors of Ndola were split up and many divisions in the body of Christ came up. They were split into three groups because each group had a Presidential Candidate they were supporting. This cost the Pastors fellowship a lot. Pastors who were meeting with an attendance of over 200 were reduced to 40-50 Pastors. Even after the elections, they could not come together. When these Pastors heard about your coming to Ndola, they started coming together. Those 150 Pastors you met on 15th May 2002 in the morning was a miracle. You were also led by the Holy Spirit to have Holy Communion with them. All the barriers of divisions were
broken. Right now there is greater unity amongst the Pastors of Ndola. They are meeting in large numbers up to now. To God be all the glory. Miracles have continued happening even after you left. I am receiving an average of 10 calls everyday, people who are testifying about many healings and breakthroughs. The Pastors of Ndola say they have never seen an Evangelist like you who presents the gospel in a very simple way with many signs and wonders following. Indeed the power of God is in the simplicity of the gospel.

Brother Jim, I am happy to mention that my faith has really grown as a result of being connected to your Ministry. I am experiencing the overflow of God’s power and blessings from the Ministry. My church is growing and people are being added to the church on a weekly basis. I will continue to update with more testimonies as they come in. otherwise your crusade is still the talk of the day in the Copperbelt region. Thank you for helping Zambia.

Emmanuel Shikaputo