Mpika International Miracle Crusade and Fire Conference Report: 
 By: Rev William Malaika, President Mpika Pastors Fellowship
                 : Pastor Yobe Ngandu, Crusade Coordinator.
Date 22-26 August 2007,
Two hundred and fifty (250 000) people attended the crusade for five days . People came from far away places, hundreds to hundred and fifty kilometers. Others camped at the crusade site .People traveled from different towns as well. Towns like Lusaka, Kasama ,Chinsali, Nakonde and etc.
Patients were claimed from the hospital by the relatives and brought to the crusade grounds. They were prayed for and got healed and delivered from their diseases and sicknesses. Miracles were so evident that the whole crusade ground was filled with jubilation and excitement.

1st Day: 22nd.
An old man who had been with sick with a stroke on the left and left arm, a well known man in the town of Mpika was healed and he discarded his walking stick, he was instantly healed. this was a notable miracle which shock the town of Mpika. Many salvation decisions were made. the demon possessed were delivered from the demons and almost 4 people left their crutches on the platform..
On this day we had 30,000 in attendance and 12,000 responded to the call of salvation. On this day those who could not make it to the crusade grounds were prayed for on the phone. Many people were brought to the ground some sleeping on the mats.
The only problem we encountered on this day was power failure. A lady who had been paralyzed for many years was instantly healed. A dumb and deaf mute was set free and he spoke for the very first time. An old lady who had a goiter was healed and it disappeared. A middle aged man who had swollen feet was healed and he jumped with both his legs.  A lady who was operated on many time and was subjected to a lot of pain was healed and danced with no complaints.
2nd day: 23rd.
On this day we had almost 40,000 people in attendance  and 12,560 responded to the call of salvation. the atmosphere was charged with jubilation and excitement. In the midst of preaching by the evangelist, we saw more than three sets of crutches lifted up in the air.
The crusade was partially disturbed when a mad man who was brought in chains was set free and everyone rejoiced because he was well known lunatic in the town. , he went back home free without being chained. A baby who had a growth since birth was also healed, the growth just disappeared. Another man with swollen legs was healed instantly, his pain stopped and the swelling just disappeared. A man who had been blind for many year after falling sick had his sight restored. On this day two lunatics were totally set free.
A baby was healed from many complications, An old man was healed and he left his walking stick on the platform.  An old man jumped out of his wheel chair and walked.
3rd day: 24th.
The crusade was growing in numbers every single night as people traveled from distant places. A boy who was mentally disturbed because of demons and could not bath and eat for three weeks was instantly delivered by the power of God. He went hope free and had his bath and he enjoyed his meals. A crippled lady was brought, she could not stand nor sit but just lay in one position, she was healed on this day. She walked after many years of being bedridden. She had been to many Doctors and had undergone many operations. She danced on the platform and was joined by many people in the dance. A dumb and deaf girl was healed in the crusade, she was 14years of age and had not talked nor heard before but this day she heard and could talk a few words. Another deaf and dumb young man was brought to the crusade, he was about 18yrs, and had never talked before, but this day he began to talk and hearing, he called his mother name and the name of Jesus. This was a great moment for the family. A couple brought a child was very sick, they had first took him to the clinic and they were told that it was an emergency case and they were referred to the big hospital but the driver the ambulance was not there to drive them, he had gone to the crusade as well. The just brought the child to the crusade, he was very sick that even after prayer people advised them to still take the child to the hospital, they went to the hospital but before they could reach the hospital, the child was completely healed. The couple came back to the crusade to testify.
4rd Day: 
A family had walked for almost thirteen hours to get to the crusade, they brought a lunatic in ropes, he sometimes behaved violently so they had to keep him in ropes. He was prayed  and he was healed completely and he began to behave normally and he felt embarrassed when he suddenly saw how dirty he was. this miracle shocked the district because many people saw him being brought in ropes. A child had an  abnormal growth on his private parts but he got healed instantly, his mother wept tears of joy. The child had already undergone some operation but never improved. An  HIV Positive young lady had been sneezing for 12years and had a migraine headache that long, she was instantly healed. She testified and she danced to the glory of God. This day the evangelist was whisked away because many people came on the platform they just wanted to touch him and just hug him. Another person was brought in the wheel chair by relations he was healed and he got up and walked to the amazement of many. Another old lady had abnormal BP and had a stroke she also came in a wheel chair they both got out of the wheel chairs. On this day many went to the hospital and claimed their sick relations, we saw many being laid on the ground  in the dust, many went home healed.
5th Day:
A Dumb and deaf young lady who was brought by the world vision was healed the previous day at the leaders conference, the story was even carried out by the press, this miracle was so much talked about on the streets that the last day of the crusade was so packed with much people that we had almost 50,000 in attendance., the blind were healed, the lame discarded their crutches, the dumb spoke, one Young man left his wheel chair and run away because he did not want to use his wheel chair again. the grandmother went home with the wheel chair pushing it. Many people were camped at the crusade ground and were getting healed everyday. On the first day of the crusade we had many people sleeping on the crusade ground, but on the last day only a very were there, many had been healed and had left for their homes.
A Reverend from one of the big protestant churches had brought his wife who had a stroke for many years, she walked for the first time many years, her daughters couldn't help it but wept with tears of joy.
Another lunatic was healed on this day and many people celebrated with his family.
A young lady had become paralyzed while studying at the university and was confined to a wheel-chair, was healed and she got of her chair and walked. They traveled a distance of 500km to come to the crusade.
The crusade attracted 270,000 people in attendance and 133,277 surrendered their lives to Christ in the five days of the crusade.
The fire conference was attended by 40,000 people in the three days. The first day we had almost ten thousand in attendance, we moved outside on an open ground for the conference. The conference turned out to be a crusade as well because of the many people who came and had health problems. Many sick, the blind, the lame, the dumb and deaf were set free in the fire conference. Many sick people were brought to the confine from surrounding villages and farms. In the conference we had 21000 decisions for salvation and many healings sign and wonders.

Mpika, Zambia night crusade - August 2007


Thank you:

By: Rev  William Malaika, President. Mpika Pastors Fellowship.
    : Pst  Yobe Ngandu, Crusade Coordinator.
    : Zambia.