The Mansa crusade preparations began almost 8 months ago with Pastor Emmanuel as Crusade coordinator taking trips to Mansa to talk to the Mansa Pastors Fellowship. Pastor Christopher handled the finances and general administration of the Crusade. The Mansa Pastors Fellowship welcomed the coming crusade with Zeal because this was the first time something was coming to their town.

As the days drew near we put the adverts on both radio and TV. and the crusade momentum grew to larger proportions. The sticking of banners and posters helped even reach more people who could not be reached by radio and television.

Mansa town has a population of 30,000 but between 120,000 to 130,000 came and attended the Jim Eilers Crusade. 1000 pastors and church leaders attended the fire conference in the morning.

The crusade team of 7, headed by Evangelist Jim Eilers arrived in Ndola on the 30th of April at 12:15hrs in the afternoon at Ndola airport and were welcomed by Pastor Christopher with almost 40 other people from his church.  The team was booked at Musamani lodge.

After a short rest the team was to visit a feeding centre run by Pastor Christopher and New hope centre.
120 children are fed every-weekend.(saturdays only). Nicholas and Adena had visited the feeding centre when they came in January for preparations of the Mansa crusade. The team donated candies, clothes and soccer balls and many other items. Many people from the surrounding
areas came to watch and welcome the team.

We encountered a big problem in the area of transport, initially two vehicles were hired and payment made in full but one vehicle not show up, and this is the Toyota Prado, which was specifically hired for the Evangelist and his wife. The 8 hour journey was scheduled start at 08:00hrs. We waited until 15:30hrs and just found another automobile. This was a big inconvenience on the team and a big embarrassment to me as the one who had arranged for the transport. The case was reported to the police and efforts are put in place to recover the money soon. We left Ndola at exactly 15:30hrs and arrived in Mansaat 23:30hrs P.M.

The team was booked at chukwuma lodge. The interpreter and his wife were also booked at the same lodge, br Emmanuel stayed in another guest house with the other brothers from Ndola and Kitwe who were part of the team.

We left Mansa in the early hours of Monday and headed for Ndola, the journey took us almost 8hrs because it was day time. We arrived in Ndola at exactly 14:30hrs. The team had lunch and left for the Airport at 16:oohrsa

On the second of may the team rested and just went to see the crusade grounds late in the evening where work was still going on with final touches. Much work had been done and the atmosphere was highly charged with expectation. Some people had already started coming to see the Evangelist for prayer but we told them to wait for the crusade in two days time.

On the first day of the crusade we had almost ten thousand people in attendance, the crusade started on a very good and high note. Many sick people were brought to the grounds. The Gospel was preached in its simplicity and the impact was marvelous. Many responded to the call of salvation and it took
sometime write the names on decision cards. The Evangelist prayed for the sick and many were
healed. There were many remarkable miracles, as we saw the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear and many more. We could not let all to testify because they were too many. One elderly man had been lame for a long time and walked for the first time. The miracles were just too numerous, the counselors and ushers could not cop with the situation. I personally have six walking sticks which were discarded by the owners because they got healed miraculously. The first day of the crusade set in motion great expectations in the hearts of people, the tempo was high and the following day we had the number
doubled and over.

SECOND DAY, 5th MAY.(official opening by the Mayor).
The Mayor of the town officially opened our Crusade on the fifth of may 2005. He welcomed the Evangelist and his team to the town of Mansa and encouraged the people of Mansa to take the word of God seriously because it is only God's word which can make a difference in their lives.

This day the crusade attendance doubled and many decisions for Christ were recorded, healings were
remarkable, one young lady who had never walked without the help of the brace, walked un aided, many
cried with joy and excitement, she was accompanied by a close relative and a former school mate came on the platform and thanked God on behalf of the friend. She was walking for the first time. The Mayor was also touched by God, he had a hearing aid but he went home without it. The mayor was very happy when he saw his people delivered, saved and healed by the power of God.

6th MAY 2005.
Every day was characterized with remarkable miracles and salvation of souls. Every night the Evangelist
preached, made a salvation call and prayed for the sick people. I have personally interpreted in many crusades by international Evangelists but, I must confess that the day I interpreted for Jim Eilers, I saw many decisions for Christ and I saw miracles for the first time in my life. This is my third time I have interpreted for him. I have seen one remarkable difference with Jim and the other Evangelists I have interpreted for, these are:
1. Jim Eilers is very passionate.

2. He is builds relationships with people and loves people.
3. He has a very simple way of communicating the Gospel which touches both the elderly and the young.
4. Miracles are genuine and I am an eye witness, Jim Eilers is a Man of God. He loves souls, he wants to see people saved.
5. I have interpreted for many Evangelists but it is only Jim who asked my name and encouraged me to preach the Gospel as well. He is the only Evangelist who wrote to me, others forgot about me after the crusade.
6. Jim Eilers is very humble but he wants to deal with those who are honest. If something is wrong, he will confront you and correct you.
7. I have never ever seen a preacher who has moved a city, to the level of Jim Eilers level. Even non
Christians become tongue tide as they see the miracles. Miracles are just as normal as breathing and
eating in the Jim Eilers crusades.
8. Jim Eilers is a dynamic teacher and mentor, I have preached in five crusades since I met Evangelist Jim, He empowered me with crusade equipment, Very few people are ready to invest in another person, but Evangelist Jim, is very generous and ready to support the work of Evangelism.
9. Jim Eilers is a family man, he teaches by example, his family is closely knit together. He always says "my family is my ministry team". Every member of his family is wholly committed to work
of ministry. they are united. In the three crusades I have personally worked with him many people have been impressed with this unity in the family.
10. Jim Eilers wants people to be accountable, I have handled finances for the first time and he has always told me to keep receipts and ensure that money is properly used accounted for and supported by receipts, this is a good lesson for many in Africa who do not want to be account to anyone.

FOURTH DAY. Saturday 7th APRIL 2005.
The fourth day was yet very interesting because I was asked by the Evangelist to preach, this was my biggest challenge because I was preaching to the biggest audience for the first time in my life. I have
preached in small crusades which I organize with the financial support of Jim Eilers but this audience was too big for me I was shivering and shaking. I told my wife "I am scared, can I just tell the Evangelist to go ahead and preach?" The crowd was big and bigger, I preached and the Evangelist came and prayed for the sick. People gave their lives to Christ and many were healed and delivered from demon spirits, one young lady had a wound which could not heal since she was three but on this night of the crusade she was healed and had her wound dry up. This was to the amazement of many.

The crowd was big, the music, the dance, the jubilation and excitement characterized all days of the crusade. There was tremendous unity among the pastors and their general membership as some were working together for first time. On this day the pastors were asked to introduce themselves, their churches and places where they meet for their churches services. The Pastors fellowship representative thanked the US team for coming to Mansa and all those who had attended the crusade and those who worked in any capacity in ensuring the success of the crusade. The Evangelist also thanked the people of Mansa for the corporation in the crusade, he thanked the Mansa pastors fellowship for all their work.
The Evangelist went through all the messages he had preached from the first day of the Crusade, reminded the people to follow Jesus and never comprise on their lives. Many decisions for salvation and the sick were prayed for many healings, those with demons were rushed to the Crusade tent and prayed for by the intercessors
who were always there.

The intercessors were praying all the nights through, from the first day of the crusade till the last day.

The evangelist preached and prayed for the sick, many got saved in this crusade all in all we had 120 to 130 in attendance and we 86,674 decisions for Christ.

The children had special outreach programmed during the days of the crusade, the programmed was opened with a match from the town centre to the crusade grounds. Many children attended though many could have attended and participated in their programmed but they were seeing this for the first time, Many gifts were presented to them in the form of soccer balls, jump ropes, candy and many more items. I know that this ministry will grow a lot and cities will be affected with the children's ministry.

I thank God for the opportunity he accorded me to serve a under his servant To God be the glory.