International City Miracle Crusade


With Evangelism Jim Eilers From U.S.A

(8th –12th October 2003)


Crusade Report By The Crusade & Conference Interpreter

Pastor Christopher C. Mubanga


I have been privileged by the Lord to interpret for Evangelist Jim Eilers in two powerful crusades in our Country, thus the Ndola and Kitwe Crusades  (2002 and 2003) respectively.


I heard and read about miracles and healings in books and magazines but in the Jim Eilers Crusades, I am an eye witness of the might power and wonder working power of God. I have seen the crippled walk, the blind see, the dump speak and the deaf hear. Praise the Lord. My faith is high, I can’t wait to see myself preaching and praying like Evangelist Jim Eilers.  


My report is what I actually saw and witnessed with my own eyes during the crusade and conference.




Zambia is a landlocked Country surrounded by eight (8) Countries and lies on 127,000sq Kms.

Zambia has a population of 10.5 million and most of the population is urbanized, this has been due to a number of factors, e.g. seeking jobs in the Mines and Industries in towns and a fall in the Agriculture sector. Of this population 35% is youthful, 75% are professing Christians.


The second republican President, Dr. Fredrick Chiluba, declared Zambia a Christian nation in 1991. This made a lot of people to think that the whole nation was Christian and yet Zambia has the following statistics, 36% Catholic Romans, 8% Jehovah witnesses, 13% protestants Christians, 3% Evangelical Pentecostal Charismatic and 40% Traditional religionists (spiritist).


Still very few people have been reached with the gospel. Christianity in Zambia has only lasted for 100 yrs and that makes the Church young.




Zambia has a total of 20% HIV/AIDS cases and this means 1 out of 5 Adults is infected. This has led to high poverty levels, many orphan cases leading to street children and vulnerable children, prostitution and child labour.


Of recent times, Zambia has been hit with child defilement cases. Some people believe that when an infected adult has sex with a child of 2 to 8 yrs then he will be healed of AIDS. This has led to many innocent children being infected with the virus. The worst hit age group is between 15 to 35yrs and this is Zambia’s productive group.


More facts, about 80% Zambians are said to be leaving in poverty and this percentage of poor people is sustained by a very small work force. Many people are out of employment due to the collapse of the mines and Industries.




Kitwe is Zambia’s second largest city, second to the Capital City. It has a population of 1.6 Million and it is in the Copperbelt Province.


Kitwe last had their biggest Crusades in 1981 almost 21yrs ago by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. This Crusade attracted an audience of 10000 people every day in the big yellow tent. The second crusade was in 1988 in the Agriculture show grounds, which attracted between 10,000 to 12,000 people respectively. There have been other crusades in the city of Kitwe but the two have been prominent.




This crusade has impacted the city of Kitwe than any other Crusade, in terms of:


  1. The number of souls who were saved during the five days


  1. The unity that prevailed between churches for the first time, over hundred Pastors came together to work in unity, praying for their city.



  1. The Miracles and remarkable healings during the evenings of the Crusades.


  1. The sense of awe and his presence upon the city of Kitwe. Many backsliders were reconciled back to the Lord


  1. The big audience and the joyful celebrations during the crusades and conferences
  2. The biggest meeting ever attended since political campaigns of 1990 and 1991. This Crusade attracted 35,000 to 65,000 people from the first day till the last day. The crusade gained momentum from the first day to the last day.


  1.  Everyday over 10,000 people raised their hands in response to the call for salvation. The last day almost 40,000 raised their hands for salvation, the number was too big and unbearable for the crusade counselors.



  1. Everyday there were many testimonies, but we could not allow all of them to testify because they were too many of them.


  1. The sick were brought from neighboring towns such as Ndola, Mufulira, Chingola and Luanshya. Those who had attended Jim Eilers previous Crusades, some of them found their way to the Kitwe Crusade to come and attend the Leaders fire conference and the crusade in the evening.



  1. Some people were sleeping at the crusade site from the first day of the crusade to the very last, praying and interceding for the city of Kitwe.




The Evangelist Jim Eilers always emphasized every evening that the biggest and most important miracle was the miracle of salvation. Every evening he first preached a message of love, how God loved the world and how he still loves us and he sent his son Jesus to come and die for us. You could tell from people’s facial expressions that the message was well received.


Some people cried and others exhibited joy as they allowed the Saviour in. This morning I rang Kitwe to confirm on the figures of the number of souls who got saved, he told me the slips were over 90,000. He told me, about 100,000 gave their lives during the crusade. I was also there, many could not register their names, because we had a limited number of counselors. I asked the Pastor again and we both settled for 95,000.




The churches are now engaged in aggressive follow-up work, my friend told me that after one month many Churches will have to extend their church buildings and make more benches and seats.




During the Crusade the Lord Jesus Christ did many remarkable healings. Time could not allow everyone to testify, but what I am able to remember and recall as eyewitness and interpreter is as follows:


  1. A set of twins were brought to the crusade by the Mother and one had a leg which was shorter by almost 3.5 inches after praying the leg grew and became just like the other one. The Mother came to testify with excitement.


  1. Two children walked for the first time. A young Mother brought a Child who was 2yrs 6 months old and another one was brought by another lady, the child was 1 yr and 7 months old, both these children walked for the first time.



  1. A four-year-old boy walked for the first time. This boy had not walked before and was brought on the second day of the crusade and was instantly healed. The boy walked and the people rejoiced with the Mother.


  1. A woman had been sick for six (6) years, she had a lot of complications in her body and her health had deteriorated. She had heard about the crusade on the T.V advertisement. She came and received her miracle. She jumped on the platform and danced glorifying the Lord, She spoke in good English because she was a school Teacher.


  1. On the third day of the crusade we saw a man who had a spinal code complication and had been brought to the crusade by friends. He got healed and he   walked after being bed ridden for almost a year.



  1. An old Man was brought t to the crusade, he had been booked for an operation. In that crusade God miraculously healed him, he had sight restored to perfectness. He displayed an appointment slip for his operation. Praise God.


  1. A man denounces witch doctors. A middle-aged man came and testified how he had been healed in the crusade after being attended to by many witch-doctors in a long time. He suffered from backache, headache and chest pains. His wife was in the forefront taking him to witch doctors. He jumped and thanked God for his healing.


  1. Two Women Healed.


(a)   An elderly woman was healed of a tumor, which had grown, on the side of her neck. She instantly got healed, the tumor just vanished before onlookers. She came and testified to the Glory of God.


(b)   Another woman was miraculously healed when a large goiter vanished, she could not explain how, but simply rejoiced before a large crowd of onlookers.


  1. A Man walks after a long time

Another middle-aged man was brought to the crusade grounds by friends, he had body, and mouth ulcers, but the Lord wonderfully delivered him, he jumped on the platform and promised he would go back home running.


  1. Many Blind Healed

I cannot exactly tell the number of people who had their eye sight restored, they were just too many, and we had many testimonies to that effect.


  1. Abused Women Delivered

The Evangelist preached and testified how in another crusade he had preached, a woman was delivered after being abused by demons sexually. He also talked about how God would help those who had been abused sexually.


  (a). A young lady came forward and explained how the love of God had flooded her heart when the Evangelist was preaching, speaking words of love. She felt freed and all bitterness and rejection left her, She stood and testified before the audience of 35,000 people, she thanked God that she was now free. Her own father had raped her.


(b). An Elderly woman also came and explained how she is paralyzed every time she goes to bed. A demon used to go to her room and abuse her sexually, but as the Evangelist spoke, the woman felt something lifting from her and she was not scared anymore, she was free.


  1. The Deaf Hear

We had a lot of testimonies about the deaf hearing many testified of how in one or both ears they received perfect hearing. The numbers of these cases were too many.


  1. The demon Possessed Delivered

During the preaching of the Gospel, there were some noises from the demon.  Possessed persons but the Lord delivered them at the end of every meeting.


  1. More Healed in their Homes

There were many healings even from cases, which were not mentioned in prayer, and some people came to testify how they got healed when they went home after the crusade.

         Last Day of the Crusade

On the last day of the crusade we had an audience of 45,000 people. The salvation of souls, the healings, the miracles left the city shaken by the power of God. People remained at the crusade grounds until 1:00 AM. Our ushers had a tough time trying to convince people to go back to their homes


  1. Transport and Other Arrangements


The committee booked 12 buses to help carry people to their respective homes but still there were some people who came from very remote places and they just opted to be sleeping at the crusade grounds.


  1. Fire Conference for Church Leaders (9th- 11th)


The fire conference for church leaders started on the 9th to the 11th of October 2003.

The first day we had an audience of 800 church leaders, and the following day we had an audience of 1200 leaders the last day, which was both a ladies and leaders conference, we had 1600 in attendance.


The Sick Still Prayed For.


At the fire conference, the sick were prayed for but this time the team from the States prayed for the local Pastors who later prayed for the people and the sick.


Anointed Clothes


The Evangelist had prayed for pieces of clothes which were later distributed to those who attended the conference, the pieces were not enough for every one, initially they had cut only 5000 pieces but people in attendance were 1600. So more pieces were cut the following day to distribute to those who had not taken anything.


Other Meetings


On the 9th of October 2003, the organizing committee of the crusade, Pastors fellowship Leaders and the team from the USA went and met the mayor of Kitwe together with the District Administrator. This was a courtesy call on the mayor of the Zambia’s second largest city. The Mayor was prayed for and he wished the team success.


The USA team comprised of the Evangelist Jim Eilers and his wife, two of his Children together with their spouses and his last-born daughter and another couple that had accompanied them.



Meeting at the Pastors Fellowship


After a brief meeting with the mayor, the team came to the Pastors fellowship were the Evangelist encouraged and the whole team prayed for the Pastors.


N.B. I took some time in writing this report because I wanted to verify with the other leaders so that I compare my figures with there’s. The fire conference was held at the Copperbelt auditorium, the messages were very inspiring and heart provoking. Many were prayed for and we saw many sent to the floor by the power of God.




The Evangelist and his team left the city of Kitwe early in the Morning, Monday the 13th of October 2003. 


Closing Remarks


To God be the Glory as we follow in the footsteps and the passion of Evangelist Jim Eilers.


Thanks by Pastor,


Christopher Mubanga