Evangelist Jim Eilers,

It is a great joy to see what God can do to His people here in Zambia particularly in the city of Kitwe, which is the second largest in Zambia.

The recent Crusade by Evangelist Jim Eilers from 8-12 October at Buchi Grounds cannot go without testimonies. It is for this reason why I am sending you this pastor fellowship report.

Evangelist Jim Eilers, you need to know that Kitwe had one big crusade about 12-13 years ago by Renard Bonke which happened to be the biggest ever at that time. But your recent crusade in Kitwe was 2-3 times bigger than what Renard Bonke had.

I for one as Crusade Director, I have never seen such gatherings like the ones we had in the city of Kitwe. A team of over 213 Pastors who were involved in both the crusade and fire conference are still testifying about your meetings.

Evangelist Jim Eilers, amongst some of the dynamic things in your crusade was the attendance that kept on increasing every night. Confessions coming from Pastors in Kitwe and the whole Christian Community are in the history of Kitwe , there has never been a Preacher or Evangelist that attracted big numbers of people like you did. Others said Jim Eilers is highly anointed of God.

There were a few big names of Pastors in town and when they heard about your coming to Zambia they said they needed big names like Benny Hinn, Bonke, etc to come over and do a crusade with many signs and wonders following. Now when you came to Kitwe and just on the first night of the crusade the miracles and signs and wonders amazed the whole town as they were seeing blind eyes open, deaf healed, cripples walking, tumors disappearing and many more, they started flocking to the crusade every night. News went round the region of the Copperbelt and many people came for their healing and miracles. Before I highlight on some of the miracles and attendance, here are the words I got from the Pastor who interpreted for you in Kitwe “I did interpret for Benny Hinn in 1995 when he came to Ndola and I was also the Interpreter for the CFAN Team but I have never seen great, notable and life changing miracles like I have seen in the meetings for Jim Eilers “Many other Pastors have been saying similar things.

Here in Zambia and Africa as a whole the first nights of the crusade are not well attended because they would first want to hear if it is a life-changing meeting but not with your crusades. God has always put special favor on you such that just on the first day multitudes of people flock the crusade to hear the good news of our Lord Jesus you preached.

18763 salvations on the first night of the crude is not a joke. This brought joy in the city of Kitwe. Heaven is being populated and hell plundered to the glory of God the Father. The number of salvations continued raising every night such that the pastors, counselors and ushers had a lot of work to help these new converts.

According to the statistics that the pastor fellowship give me in five days about 350000 people attended the crusade and had un opportunity to hear the gospel being preached. The five glorious days of the crusade harvested the total number of 117613 souls to the glory of God the Father. Kitwe is on fire for God. God has visited His own people. Your massages every night were full of love and hope and this contributed to having many thousands get touched mightily. Pastors are now more united than ever as a result of your crusade and fire conference.

Let me now talk about some of the miracles that have settled all the issues. People can no longer doubt that our God is a God of miracles. Just on the very first night of the crusade, the multitudes that had gathered were full of excitement to see in their life time blind eyes opening. A certain man was brought by his son to the crusade because he was blind for the past 10 years. When you prayed for the sick his both eyes that were blind were instantly opened. Another man with a swollen stomach for the past five years was healed instantly as he was prayed for. The stomach that was protruding came back to its normal position to the amazement of the crowd.

A woman from the city of Luanshya heard about your crusade on TV and radio and she had a big goiter in her neck, which was even causing her breathing problem. When she came to attend the crusade and prayer was offered, she felt some fresh breeze around her neck and the goiter disappeared and had a flat round neck. There were three to four babies who were all over 2 years who could hardly sit, stand or walk. When prayer was made to God by you Evangelist Jim Eilers, for the first time the babies were able to stand and walk on their own without any help. To God be all the glory. Many others were delivered from suicidal spirits.

I do not think I can remember the number of people whose ears were opened. God by His own love and grace through His servant Jim Eilers visited the people of Kitwe in an extra ordinary way. The devil was put out of business. The kingdom of God is established forever.

Women with female problems were instantly healed, while those who were brought on stretchers walked on home free rejoicing and praising the Lord. On the fourth night of the crusade there was one woman who brought two of her sons to the crusade grounds, one of them could not walk because one leg was shorter than the other. As you prayed a prayer of faith the leg which was shorter began to grow and reached the same size with the other and instantly the boy was healed and walked for the first time. Many marriages were restored and visions were restored as well.

Evangelist Jim Eilers, I believe with all my heart that this has been the best crusade ever in Zambia. We distributed 1000 posters, 140000 hand bills, 50 banners, 6 vehicles doing the mobile announcements. We gave out 5000 booklets according to the gospel of John. The buses for crusade workers (choir, intercessors, ushers, counselors and pastors was provided everyday and also buses were provided for everyone the last two nights of the crusade and the response was very much overwhelming. No Evangelist, no Ministry and no Church have done what you did. .

One other thing which blesses me and always testified by many church leaders and Christians is the variety of miracles taking place in your crusades. People who come to attend your meeting all have their needs met.

The report cannot end without saying something on the Fire Conference. This was again the first of its kind. The hall that was used, there has been no Preacher that has filled it. You managed to fill it up and there was no space for people. Prayer cloths were like hot cakes. Already I am receiving reports that people are getting healed, husbands getting converted and business breakthroughs as a result of these prayer clothes. The people of Kitwe really appreciate having laid your hands on them to impart spiritual gifts. There has never been a Preacher that has done this in our nation. Your fruits will continue to be seen in Zambia. Great work will continue with signs and wonders.

If there is one thing which I appreciate so much is your Ministry Team. Your son and daughters are a great asset to your ministry. You are a complete team. Zambia shall never be the same again with your sacrifice to have always shown in holding crusades. I will continue update as more testimonies keep on coming in. Kitwe really experienced the Bible days as cripples could be seen walking. God is on the throne. Phone calls are always coming in saying, “When is Jim coming again to Zambia, he is really a man of God.”

Evangelist Jim, God has given you Zambia so that the whole nation can be light in Africa and an example to all the nations of the world. Your prophecies for Zambia will surely come to pass. More and more doors are opening to His glory.

Thank you for coming to Zambia to do a miracle crusade in Kitwe form 08-12 October 2003.

Bishop James