Jim was a youth pastor for six years in Illinois before God called him into full time ministry in 1998. The heart of Jim Eilers is about saving souls. It is their desire to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to places where He has not yet been publicly proclaimed. Their evangelistic ministry has taken them too many nations including Honduras, the Arctic, Zambia, India, Cambodia, Mexico, Mozambique, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Haiti, and more. Since 1998 they have seen well over one million people born into the Kingdom of God. Jim has seen multitudes of people healed both here in America and abroad as they minister and encourage people in churches throughout America and on the foreign field.

Jim has seen crowds of fifty to one hundred fifty-thousand people gather in a single night of their crusades to hear the gospel of Jesus preached to them. In one five night crusade alone they saw over 270,000 people born again.


Jim welcomes the opportunity to preach, teach and encourage those here in America. Jim says “If you have gotten to big to minister to one person at a time, than you have gotten to big"  He welcomes the opportunity to minister in churches, prayer groups, home groups, small family and friend gatherings “You never know where God has the next mighty man or woman of God hidden.”


He has witnessed tremendous miracle healings in his crusades. This is but a few of the thousands upon thousands of bodily healings that he has witnessed God perform at his crusades around the world and in the USA.  In the Kufue, Zambia crusade a woman was brought to the crusade whom had fallen and broken her back. God touched her mightily as she came up on the platform, testifying of her miracle and then proceeded to dance before the Lord kicking her legs high into the air. Another woman was brought on a stretcher and had been bedridden for 8 months, dying of aids and given just days to live. As the word of God was preached, she believed and got up off the stretcher and began to run to the platform and dance, testifying of what the Lord had done for her. She was totally healed by the power of God.  All the Glory goes to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 


Mpika International Miracle Crusade and Fire Conference, Aug 2007 Crusade Information


This woman had been blind in her left eye but now she can see. This boy was born deaf and dumb but this night at the crusade he began to hear perfect and began to speak and his sister was over come with joy. This 4 year old girl was born crippled and stood on her own and walked for the first time in her life. 

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Ndola, Zambia crusade where over 270,000 people where
born again into the Kingdom of God in a 5 night crusade.