My name is Christian Maisonneuve, I have been a Pastor for over 40 years. During these years of ministry I've seen God moved on my behalf and His people in Haiti many times. I'm responsible for allot of people, the headquarter church located in Carrefour on the outskirt of Port-au-prince seats more than 2,000 people and I have 10 other satellite churches throughout the South and North of Haiti. When my son, Billy, told me about Brother Jim's miracle crusade, I must admit that I was skeptical; because
through the years I've seen charlatans and false prophets coming to this land and do great disservice to the cause of Christ. So while somewhat apprehensive the first night I went to check him out. He showed me kindness by inviting me up on the platform with the other guests. As I sat there, I watched and listened.  All the while debating in my mind whether this man was God sent, a true servant of the Most High...I watched him called several people on the platform and laid hands on them, and prayed a simple prayer for them. I saw a deaf man received his hearing, people with illnesses, back troubles testifying that they were touched  and healed by the power of Jesus. While Brother Jim led the crowd in a healing prayer that night, I joined in and prayed for a urinary problem that I had.
        That night, I went home and started praying for God to show me, to reveal to me that Jim  was a genuine man of God. So I went to sleep to be awaken later on, in the middle of the night in a sudden rush. I ran to the bathroom, and there God confirmed to me that Jim was his servant, by giving me, my own ,personal miracle. The room was filled with a heavy medicine smell, I checked to see if something had spilled ,there was none, I knew that the Great Physician had operated on me. From that moment on ,I have been able to urinate like I hadn't in a long time.
        During the remaining days of the crusade, there were many healed, lives were transformed and many souls were saved. We will never know the full extent of the impact of this crusade on this side of heaven, but in Glory it shall be revealed. We thank God for Jim, for his willingness to be an instrument of the Almighty, and Haiti will never be the same after his visit, in fact we are anticipating another visit form Jim. Haiti needs him, the world needs to see Christ in him.

Thank Jim and God bless you!

                                         Pastor Christian Maisonneuve
                                            Port-au-Prince, Haiti.