Dearest Evangelist Jim Eilers,

My Heart is really excited for the great miracles, signs wonders that God is performing through you in our nation Zambia during crusades and believers' conferences.

Jim, I really thank God for you and your ministry, Eilers International Harvest Ministries. Your coming to Zambia is a very big blessing to us. It is wonderful to see God use you mightily in a very unique way. Although there has been International Evangelists come to Zambia to hold crusades,  your recent crusades in Kafue and Choma are very different, dynamic and full of mighty miracles. So many Pastors and believers have also confirmed this to me in Kafue, Choma and many other towns in our country.

My heart has been greatly touched and affected by you and your ministry. Kafue and Choma and indeed the rest of our country will never be the same. I have never seen such thousands of souls getting saved just one night like it has been happening in your crusades, here in Zambia. I really thank God for you. What a great harvest of souls!!!

Your crusades in Zambia have brought about greater unity amongst Pastors and churches than it used to be before. In Kafue where you had your first crusade, there are now more than 25 Pastors working in unity to win the whole town Jesus. Great things are happening everyday. The whole nation have started envying what God is doing in Kafue as a result of your meetings especially after seeing many miracles that were screened on our national television station. Jim, you really love to see Pastors work in unity in every town. Indeed there is power in unity.

The spiritual atmosphere in our nation is changing rapidly. In Choma, where you had a crusade in August, most of the Pastors and churches used to  work in isolation but when they heard about your coming, I encouraged them to get organized as your normally do. There is now great unity in Choma as
a result of your coming. This resulted into a greater harvest of souls.

Evangelist Jim Eilers, I would like to continue testifying of what God has done through you here in Zambia. After your meetings in Kafue, the  churches have began to experience tremendous growth both spiritually and  numerically. The membership went up and the tithes and offerings increased
as well. You really taught us the nuggets of truth from God's word. Sowing a seed and principles of sowing and reaping you taught during the  Believers' conference have really helped us. Soon after the Kafue crusade,  my church doubled in membership just within three months. There is a lot
of excitement. Your crusade which took place in May is as if it took place yesterday.

Your messages also are dynamic, simple and straight forward. You preach  the oracles of God. You preach Love, hope, salvation and deliverance.  People in our nation are talking about your crusades everyday. A number of  Pastors always ask me to connect you to their towns for more crusades and

In Choma, just on the last day of the crusade on Sunday morning, churches had a sudden increase in people and offerings went up. Besides all these, it is wonderful and exciting to see many miracles in both crusades. God is  really using you mightily to make cripples walk, the blind see, the deaf
hear, the dumb speak, many people brought on stretchers were able to walk  free and many other miracles. Many people here have never seen big  miracles like these ones which happened during your crusades. To God be  the glory!!! Thousands of people were filled in the Holy Ghost while others were slain under the power of the Holy Ghost.

Jim, not only is God using you in signs and wonders to bring revival and church growth but you are also a very generous man, a man of integrity who  lives by what you preach. You have been very generous to me and my family  in the area of money, tapes, books, clothes and in many other areas. The
Pastors in Kafue and Choma were telling me that they had never seen an  Evangelist like you distribute big numbers of books at one goal. This is  another miracle to us here in Zambia. You are a man who is open handed and  you treat people (Pastors) with all fairness. This tells me that you are  very honest. Indeed we need such people like you in the kingdom of God.

God brought you to Zambia at the right time and to the right people.  Zambia needs you. There is a Macedonian call for you. Zambia will never  be the same again.

Thank you once again for the heart you have for the souls and love for us.  You are a humble man who treat people with respect. It is not easy for  people to leave their comfortable homes just to come to Africa to minister  the gospel. It takes people who know their God. This is what I have seen  in you. You are really sowing the seeds of the gospel and reaping the  harvest of souls.

Ever since I got in touch with you and your ministry everything about me has changed spiritually, physically, materially, economically, financially and socially. Kafue, which was a dying town is now being revived. Choma  is now on fire for God. Many other towns are looking forward to having
similar crusades and conferences with you. You are a man who loves to go  to places where other international evangelists haw never been. We are  always praying for you and the whole family for continued spiritual  explosions worldwide.

Greet your wife Robin, Nicholas, Rachel and Jaclyn. I thank God for them  as they are very supportive to your ministry.


Pastor Friday Mutubo