Dearest Evangelist Jim Eilers,

It is a great joy once again for me to write this letter to you especially after having a very big International Miracle Crusade in Chingola.

We serve a BIG and GREAT GOD. I thank Him for the manner in which He moved mighty during your Crusade and Believers conference. The City of Chingola will never be the same again.

The Chingola Miracle Crusade attracted thousands of people with many more coming from 5 other mining towns on the copperbelt province. Your preaching power packed with love and faith was a very big blessing to the people of Chingola.

I want to thank God for many Miracles, signs and wonders that took place as you ministered the word.
I have never seen such a big number of blind eyes opening in Crusades like the Chingola Crusade. The people of Chingola have never seen notable Miracles like they saw in your Crusade. Opening of deaf ears, tumors disappearing, cripples walking, thousands upon tens thousand of people getting saved every night of the Crusade and many more Miracles has brought liberty, new hope, restoration and revival to Chingola.

Evangelist Jim, there is something that really blesses my heart about you. Ever since we got in touch, every town where we hold Crusades, people always confess that this is the first of its kind. Your Crusades are always unique. You are a man of integrity and excellence is highly pronounced in your Ministry. You are a mighty man of God.

Soon after the Chingola Crusade, I have been receiving many calls and e-mails from people describing how the meeting was  of great help to them. Others simply said it was great. Many Miracles have continued to take place in the City. There is a mighty outbreak of revival sweeping through the Chingola Churches.

About three days ago, Bishop Benson Lungu phoned me to tell of what God is doing in that town. The Churches are now growing and there is great excitement.

I remember well, on the last day of your Crusade many people came to approach me if it was possible to keep you in Zambia for another week so that the Crusade could continue. Many more thousands of people kept coming to attend the Crusade and be touched of God. This could be seen from the attendance which continued increasing every night. The first night attracted about 20 000 people while the last night had over 60 000  people.

Although we had power failure at certain times during every night of the Crusade grounds, a number of people could not leave the Crusade grounds. They stayed until the electricity company restored power back and the Crusade had to continue with great Miracles taking place.

Evangelist Jim Eilers, I should also mention that there so many people are ringing me trying to find out if it would possible to hold Crusade in their Cities. I just tell them to wait on the Lord because He is the one who opens doors. You are a blessing to our nation (Zambia)

You have been a great blessing to me and indeed the entire family. From the time I got in touch with you in 1999, God has really blessed us mightily, my family and I and indeed the entire Church is getting blessed everyday. The overflow of God's blessing in your life and Ministry has hit us so hard that we are flowing in the blessing of God.

Thank you very much  for your generosity. You have been so generous to us financially, materially etc.  We are becoming better and better everyday. It was God's ordained encounter that we met and got connected to each other. Zambia is getting blessed.

Your conference and the ladies conference were yet another breakthrough. You really delivered meat of the Word and the believers were well fed. That was stuff. Many believers confessed being helped by your teaching and that for your wife Robin during the ladies conference. Our spiritual eyes were opened more and more for greater insight. I thank God for you. God richly bless you. We have continued          

to pray for you and for all your future Crusades and conferences. Faith has continued to pray for you and the entire family by name.

My wife Vidah, Faith, Precious and Bishop are passing their regards to you and the whole family. Greet your family for me as well. You are a blessed family an a blessed Ministry.


Pastor Jim Koshita Kafumukache